All you need to know

What is Mythos Mosel?

Mythos Mosel is a vintage tasting of approximately 120 wineries that takes place in 30 hosting wineries. Each host welcomes three wineries from other parts of the Mosel. Thus, each station hosts four wineries, which equals 24 wines total that can be degusted. 


When does Mythos Mosel take place?

Always the weekend after Whitsunday (Pfingsten)

Where exactly is Mythos Mosel?

There are three alternating sections of the Mosel each year:

2.       Detzem to Piesport (2022)

3.       Kesten to Zeltingen (2023)

1.       Ürzig to Briedel (2024)

Who can participate?

Everyone. The tasting targets wine lovers, journalists as well as retailers and enthusiasts for wine overall. 

What`s to expect?

Friday night, Mythos Mosel`s opening night, starts with a spectacular celebration with alternating locations. Regional and nationwide chefs prepare a course each, accompanied by wines of all participating wineries, served in magnum bottles. 

Saturday and Sunday, the Riesling ride begins: From 11am to 6pm, all station open their doors for the vintage tasting. Further program highlights are special tastings, wine parties, exclusive Mythos Mosel menus and more. You can find the current program on our homepage. 

How much is the entry fee?

Tasting tickets (pre-sales): Saturday - 50€, Sunday - 30€, 2-days 65€ 

Tickets include access to all wineries, water and bread as well as the bus shuttle connecting all wineries & the arrival within the VRT region. 

Tickets for the the opening celebration vary from 150 to 200 Euros depending on the locations. (Tickets to the opening celebration are limited)

How can I buy ticktes?

You can order tickets only on our homepage.