Dear guests of Mythos Mosel,

until now we have not given a statement concerning the COVID19 situation and its impact on Mythos Mosel 2020.

Please be assured that we are doing everything in our power to celebrate Mythos Mosel this year. Mythos Mosel has become a favorite holiday for us that we do not want to miss.

At this point of time, it is very difficult to make any assumptions for June. Since regulations and restrictions are changing every day, we feel unable to predict what will be possible in June.

We really want to make Mythos Mosel happen. But of course, we have to wait for the official orders and regulations by the authorities. We hope with all our heart that the situation will improve in June and we can organize Mythos Mosel. We all work towards this goal.

If we are forced to postpone Mythos Mosel 2020, we will announce this as early as possible but not before mid-May. Please be patient and help us believe that Mythos Mosel will happen in June 2020.

We know that this is a frustrating situation, especially if you have to plan your trip to the Mosel in advance. Our tips: Invest in hotel offers with favorable cancellation conditions or even book a travel cancellation insurance.

We would be incredibly happy to celebrate the Mosel, the landscape and all the Riesling with you,

Stay healthy, stay home and drink a glass of Riesling, or a bottle or a case…

Kind regards

The Moseljünger


Mythos Mosel Teaser Nr. 3

Mythos Mosel Teaser Nr. 2

[Translate to English:] Mythos Mosel Teaser Nr. 1

[Translate to English:] Mythos Mosel 2018

[Translate to English:] Mythos Mosel 2018 - vom 25. - 27. Mai 2018

Strecke: Kesten bis Zeltingen

Eröffnungsfeier: Schloss Lieser

Winzer: Alle Winzer sind online -> im Menü unter "Winzer"

Tickets: Ab 01.03. - 12.00Uhr nur über diese Seite